MEET Molly! She is a blogger, an aspiring photographer and someone who is passionate about mental health. Today we had a chat with her about body image, compliments but not really, social media and self-acceptance.


Molly began writing as a coping mechanism whilst battling through anxiety and depression as a way of confronting her demons head on. In doing that, she created her blog Admire The Beautiful, to remind herself of all things lovely in this world. Her blog has since developed into a journal of relatable life struggles and personal successes.

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Today we spoke with Molly about one of her daily struggles…body image. She noted “I’ve always grown up with the constant whispers of friends, strangers and even family members, around my weight issues. I am often told, “you need to eat more”, “you’re too thin!”, “you could fit behind a pole”. These comments have always stuck with me. Why? Because they made me feel ashamed, disgusted with myself even. Maybe their words were meant as a compliment, but they often felt slightly backhanded. These comments carried a sting, especially when coming from a family member or a friend. In reality, I hated my appearance. It’s funny because my insecurities were often attributes, I’d compliment others on!”

Body image ideals are constantly changing, particularly within the media. Molly too, felt and struggled with these pressures. “If I am being honest with myself, I wish that I could strut around confidently in my leotard, with legs up to my face, boobs balancing perfectly on my chest and a butt to die for. But realistically, the images that we see in the media of women who are #Goals, are often unobtainable to achieve for most everyday women and extremely costly.”

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“As a society I am proud of the steps that we are beginning to take around body positivity. We are starting to appreciate all body types and society standards are being thrown out the window, which is amazing. It’s safe to say that many of us have been waiting for plus sized body types to be better represented within the media and this is finally starting to happen. Curvy is sexy and its awesome! However, with me being of a thinner body type, I do sometimes feel as if I’m being teased by others for not being able to put on weight, for not being able to keep up with ideals and for not fitting into new standards of “sexy”. This can be hard to deal with as my weight is something that is out of my control. With the definition of sexy constantly changing, I know it is important for me to work on being my own kind of sexy. I don’t want myself or future generations to hate themselves for not being able to keep up with what is popular.”

With #Goals trending and people being able to share their daily lives on social media, social pressures to look “on trend” have hit a high. This is an issue that many of us can identify with. Molly touched on this further. “I can sometime find myself obsessing over how someone looks on social media or pushing against someone who has an entirely different lifestyle, shape and gene make up to me. This practice would make me feel ashamed of the person I would see in the mirror. Unfortunately, I feel that as a society we are suffocating in “perfection”, especially with everybody having access to social media. For me, social media has played a huge part in my insecurities and vulnerabilities to self-hate. I’m sure this is true for much of the world. You have constant access to everybody’s lives, how they want you to believe they are living, what they want you to believe they have, how they want you believe they look. The digital world, though brilliant, can be full of cut, copy, pastes, and edits.”  



You can find Molly over at admirethebeautiful.com and @admirethe_beautiful on Instagram.




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