In this week’s 10 Minute Coffee Break, we had a chit-chat with the lovely Camilla, on how her and good friend Keziah were able to develop a unique, baby-wearing Pilates technique and turn it into a business…All while, breastfeeding, burping and changing  their newborns.

Grab a coffee and a bickie, let’s get into the interview!


1. What’s your blurb? Tell us about your journey towards becoming Mamma Method.

Mamma Method is a baby-wearing postnatal Pilates class! Our classes are taught to up-beat music and have been specifically designed to be safe, yet effective in strengthening all postnatal target areas (Inc. the back, legs, glutes, core and pelvic floor muscles. The unique thing about are class, is that mums get to work out, whilst wearing their babies in a carrier. This position not only helps to settle baby, but it is also an added challenge for mum!

Our “Mamma Method” journey began back in February 2019. Keziah and I met whilst on maternity leave. We both noticed that there was a lack of safe, effective and fun postnatal classes, especially ones that allowed you to bring baby along also. As qualified Pilates instructors, with a passion for pre and postnatal fitness, we decided to simply create our own technique. Our brainstorms sessions were usually held whilst breastfeeding, burping or changing our babies – ha!

Two months later, with our own babies in carriers, we launched our very first Mamma Method class in West Hampstead. We managed to spread the word through flyers around the neighbourhood, Facebook groups and chasing after mums with little ones, to tell them about our class (we got some pretty hilarious looks) … but something worked. The classes were a hit! And were almost instantly full.

Not long after that, we launched in two more locations. We now have classes in four spots around the city, with three more in the pipeline. We’ve managed to collaborate with some amazing brands such as Casall Activewear and Sweaty Betty. We’ve been recommended by various doctors and specialist physiotherapists. On top of that, we have filmed a series of videos for our Free Five-Day Mamma Method online challenge. We also have a new online program, “Mamma Method Online”, which will be launched in March 2020 – exciting times ahead!

2. How did Pilates become your “Thing”?

I discovered Pilates in 2007, while living in San Francisco and fell in love almost instantly. With a bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, I really enjoyed the focus on correct alignment and activating specific muscle groups. The technique also challenged my body in new ways, and I walked away feeling stronger, longer and taller. My posture also changed, my “sway back” was reduced and the chronic pain in my upper spine from an old injury disappeared.

Five years after discovering Pilates, I trained to be an Instructor. I was still working in a corporate job at the time, so I did the training on weekends and evenings. Soon after graduating, I set up classes around London and started teaching full time. Four months later, I was featured in Huffington Post and being invited to become a Sweaty Betty Ambassador.

3. How would you define the connection that you’ve made between Pilates and wellness?

Pilates really helps to calm my mind and I generally feel “better” after finishing a class.

4. Do you ever feel an impact on your mental/wellbeing when you have taken a break from practising Pilates or fitness? 

Completely! I try to exercise 5 days a week and rarely skip two days in a row. When I take a break from fitness and Pilates, not only do I feel a change in my body, it also has a major impact on my mood and mental state.

I’m also very fortunate to have a husband who understands my need to exercise regularly and is willing to look after the kids while I squeeze in a class.

5. What made you want to turn Mamma Method into a business?

After developing the technique and seeing the amazing changes in our own bodies, we knew more new mums would also benefit from the classes. I don’t think either of us really realized the magnitude of the business when we first launched the classes – we were simply looking for a great way to exercise with our own babies and the classes were a perfect solution!

Now that we’ve been operating for almost a year, our mindset has shifted – our goal is help as many new mums as possible to gain strength while bonding with their babies.

6. What made you tailor your service towards new mums?

As mothers of two ourselves, we both know how hard it can be to squeeze in a workout – especially with a baby! So, we knew this type of class would be incredibly useful for mums. Fitness is so important. Not only does it help to repair and strengthen our bodies, it also helps improve our mental wellbeing. Mums often tell us how much happier they feel after class. Our community of new mums is also amazing.

7. How important do you think wellness is to new mums?

Wellness is extremely important, both physically and mentally. Motherhood can be incredibly rewarding but also very challenging. It’s important to look after “you” as much as it’s important to look after your little one.

Wellness doesn’t always have to mean a fitness class or a lengthy activity – even taking a hot bath, going for a walk or calling an old friend can make a huge difference.

8. What advice would you give to younger you, given what you know now about life and having the experience of building your dreams into a reality?

Don’t give up… as soon as you start to feel doubt creeping in, keep on going. Also, find a great Partner – without Keziah, there would be no Mamma Method. Her optimism, friendship and dedication to the business keeps me going every day. It’s also great for accountability!

9. What advice would you give to older you?

Enjoy every minute! With two small children (a 4 month and a 13 months), I have to remember to turn off my phone and pay attention to the small things because before you know it, they are over!

10. Where can we find Mamma Method (socials/website)? Any future plans that we can look forward to (workshops, events, etc.)?

Mamma Method babywearing classes are currently held at the following locations:

Swiss Cottage: Tuesdays 11:15am & Thursdays 11:15am @ Huggle

Queens Park/Kensal Rise: Mondays 1.30pm & Wednesdays 11:00am @ The Maqam Centre

Clapham: Wednesdays 1:30pm @ Fresh Ground

Chiswick: Wednesdays 1:30pm @ Children’s Wellness Centre

All class information and booking can be found on HOOP or http://www.mammamethod.com/classes

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mamma_method

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mammamethod

We’ll also be launching our online program in March and doing a FREE five day online challenge. To learn more visit http://www.mammamethod.com/online


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